Act sustainable behind the scenes with Jordnær Creative’s management 

In short, sustainable film production is about taking responsible choices when acquiring, applying and abolishing resources. 
Jordnær Creative is ready to guide you to a sustainable transition behind the scenes. We take care of all practicalities in implementing green and socially responsible solutions, costing you as little time and trouble as possible. Our Eco Managers lead the sustainable strategy from pre-production to wrap through 3 steps: 


First, our eco manager will sit down with the production department. Together, we will identify in which areas you are already acting sustainably and how we can help you create the greatest impact. If you would like to train your crew to increase the success rate and engagement on set, we offer eco-training as well. 
Together we will prioritize focus areas and define goals with inspiration from UN’s SDG’s. This phase will be the foundation of your production’s sustainable strategy. 


Our trained green runners will take care of all practicalities during the production. While documenting the impact of your effords, they make sure that materials are sorted correctly and that our tools are implemented in your workflow.
With +10 years of experience from productions, we understand what it takes to become a natural part of the team and we want to contribute to a positive atmosphere on set. We are happy to answer any questions the crew might have, and can arrange competitions or other engaging initiatives.

Impact assessment

During production, we track the use of resources using KlimaKlappet, designed to calculate the impact of sustainable initiatives and the carbon footprint of film- and TV production.
After wrap, we give you a report with datavisualizations and reccomendation, which you can use to showcase your efforts and learn how to make an even bigger impact in the future. If you want, we can help with PR material for when it’s time to market your sustainable production. 
Psst.. We offer impact assessment as a separate service, too.
Jordnær creative
Our tools are developed with understanding for practicalities on set. We want to make sustainabilty behind the scenes as easy and cost-free as possible.