As the first Danish company, Jordnær Creative is specialized in sustainable film production. We have in-depth knowledge on creative sustainability and more than 10 years of experience with the film and media industry.

On a daily basis, we consume messages through screens. We allow them to affect the way we think and act. There is a need for a more down to earth (‘jordnær’) approach, because we need to consider the supply chains and resources involved in the journey of production, leaving an impact on Earth, too

Our industry interacts with a lot of fields and players. We are part of several global networks working for sustainable film production on a political, academic and industrial level. Experience from abroad clearly shows sustainability as an increasingly important parameter in funding and collaboration. 

That’s why we have started Jordnær Creative. To actively work towards a local, sustainable transition and to help our industry use the environmental, social and economic advantages in becoming sustainable behind the scenes. 

Take a closer look at Jordnærs storyline here (Pdf).


Jordnær Creative wants to put Danish film and TV on the sustainable world map. By making sustainability a natural part of creative production, we want to work towards a down to earth future where we unite to ensure a better-balanced, competitive industry.  


Sustainability to us is about bringing our industry into balance, both environmentally, socially and economically. This of course means taking better care of our planet, but is also about strengthening our industry in a rapidly changing reality. We believe in a down to earth approach where solutions work in practice and because we are entrepreneurs, we will use our creativity to think innovatively and find solutions that work and last.


Knowledge-sharing and community building are the most important tools for sustainable change. Our business is built around local and global collaboration, and we openly communicate what we know with the goal to sincerely help our industry. We have no interest in shaming or judging. Instead we aim to inspire and motivate by focusing on opportunities to create the solutions of the future together. For the benefit of our industry and the world, we interact with.


We take other people’s trust in us seriously and always strive to be honest to ourselves and the people we interact with. We take honour in being transparent about what we do and give space to express feelings and ideas amongst ourselves. Through open dialogue, we make sure that our business is sustainable as well, and that we can live up to our promises.


The SDG’s are a helpful frame for a future world in better balance. It is important for us to walk the talk and make sure that our own suppliers act responsibly.

From our webhost Greengeeks, investing in renewable energy, to our telecom provider GreenSpeak, donating their profits to charity, and buying our electronics secondhand from eg. Refurb.


Mikrolegat verdensmål

As a part of the series ‘Verdensmålsiværksætterne’ about young Danes contributing to the SDG’s with their business, MOOT TV has made this short doc about us. We are proud to be in such good company!

SDG #12 for responsible consumption and production is a key element in our down to earth approach. Every day we actively work to contribute to goal 12.6 by motivating corporations to act sustainably and making reporting possible with impact assessment.

We are also focused on goal 12.2, 12.3 and 12.5 when we are on set as Eco Managers and make sure that resources are handled responsibly through recycling and reusing. One of our favourite examples is our collaboration with Chrispy’s hjælpende hænder. They pick up excess food from set and give it to people in need. 

In addition, Jordnær Creative works to contribute to the following SDG’s

SDG 13